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The office consists of a small, highly experienced team consisting of principal architect Kruger Theron and three technologists: Charmaine Burger, Judy Stolworthy and Rodney Dirkse.

Established in 2010 by Kruger Theron, Kruger Theron Architects is an architectural design studio based in Somerset West, South Africa.

Kruger Theron Architects specializes in the design of residential, commercial, industrial and governmental buildings. 


Taking a simple idea and turning it into something timeless.


The brief required an original design for Van Loveren Wine Estate’s new wine tasting facility.


The existing wine cellar consisted of thirteen barn structures stacked next to each other, and one more was to be added.


The solution was to add a new structure which had a barn roof tipped up in the direction of the garden to allow a vertical, full-height view of the lush garden from within the tasting room. The tasting room opens out onto a deck with an L-shape water feature.





Marrying one building with another.

The two vastly different buildings in the main road of Wynberg had to be integrated as one.

The first building being Homechoice's six-storey head office/call centre. The second being the single-storey retail building next door that was acquired to expand the call centre.

The challenge was to marry these two buildings so it could function and read aesthetically as one building.

The result was a multi-volume entrance gallery between the two buildings that linked the existing offices physically and visually. 



“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

The site of the @Four Cousins Restaurant is a historic landmark in Roberson, the first space you see upon entering the town.


This architectural design was complex due to two major challenges: The site sits below the flood plain, and it is situated next to the busy Main Road. The only real strength was its beautifully matured trees.

Honouring Robertson’s local history and architecture of the area, the building is a contemporary interpretation of Cape Vernacular, with an enclosed courtyard to offer visitors a sense of tranquillity.

Kruger Theron Architects’ architectural process is designed to keep the team close to their projects so that they can offer guidance throughout the entire process. 

The studio's team of professionals aims to ensure that the whole process, from concept to completion, runs smoothly.

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